Bathroom Rituals

Bathroom rituals – your daily care routine

Relaxation and routine in harmony – your bathroom rituals
Whether in the morning or the evening – everyone has their own bathroom rituals. Taking a shower, brushing your teeth and styling your hair will give you a fresh outlook early in the morning. And in the evening, things get more relaxed. All about bathroom rituals.

Take a break from everyday life

In our everyday lives, our needs are sometimes neglected. Bathroom rituals are one example of how you can take some time for yourself. Shut the bathroom door and turn the light on – now it’s time for your daily programme. It starts from the moment you brush your teeth, and lasts all the way through to your all-round styling. Enjoy your bathroom rituals!

Revive all your senses

Try this out: turn up the volume of your music in the bathroom, and you’ll have twice the fun. Move, dance, sing – this will really get your body cells moving. But the fun doesn’t stop there: after your private performance, you’ll have even more energy for the rest of the day.

The right skin care in the morning

It’s not just you and your senses that need to be on top form in the morning. Treat your skin to a “pick-me-up” and use a daily skin care cream, eye cream or serum with Q10 and UV filters. NIVEA Q10Plus Anti-Wrinkle Energy Eye Roll-on for example, reduces the signs of tiredness and puffiness. It visibly softens the first signs of wrinkles around the eyes. For your body, on the other hand, use a quickly absorbed soft milk and give yourself beautifully nourished skin all day long.

Bathroom rituals – time for your individual needs

  • Christine Cirnt, 45: “I always spend ages in the bathroom, because I want my skin and complexion to look great”. Is it the same for you? 
  • Then pamper your skin with moisturising creams every morning, and be sure to use a rich eye cream as well. Gently dab on some NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Eye Care, for example and you’ll be rewarded with a fresher look.
  • Diana Dreffkorn, 36: “I treat myself to a bath at least once a week”. 
  • A warm bubble bath will help you leave the stress of everyday life behind you, be alone with your thoughts and take some relaxing time out. 
  • For optimum moisturising care during your bath, treat yourself with NIVEA Beauty Oil Oil Bath. 
  • The ritual continues after your bath: take some time to look after your body and replenish your skin with moisture with NIVEA Nourishing Body Milk. 
  • Melanie Lühr, 32: “Everyone has their favourite fragrances, and mine are warm, sensual aromas like milk and honey”. 
  • Our favourite fragrances have a positive impact on our mood, and can also be invigorating or calming. Do you love warm, sensual aromas too? Then try incorporating NIVEA Honey & Milk Cream Shower into your bathroom rituals.

Start your day with a refreshing shower

This bathroom ritual will boost your circulation in the morning, get your blood flowing and wake you up quicker – for many people, the day can only really start after a long relaxing time in the bathroom.

“The only thing I am really particular about is my hair” (Juliane Kreibich, 20). Does this sound familiar?

If you’re in a hurry in the morning, you need to set priorities when it comes to your bathroom rituals. You’ll need at least a few minutes to wash and style your hair. Think carefully about what sort of impression you want to give today – this will make you feel better for the whole day. Once your hair is ready, you can get going. A certain amount of time is essential.

Bathroom rituals – a pamper programme just for you

If you have your own bathroom rituals, you’ll be benefiting both your body and soul at the same time. You’ll be able to keep yourself in rhythm and simply have some time for yourself – without having to worry too much.

Cared for and cosy in your wellness oasis

“I love transforming myself again and again every morning” (Sandra Veit, 38)

Cosmetics, care products and make-up are a wonderful way to slip into a new role every day. Women can really get creative here and express their mood with an individual look. Try it to your heart’s content, style your hair and dare to transform yourself every now and then – you’ll be surprised what you’ve got in you.

Moisturising as a beauty ritual – velvety soft skin with body lotions from NIVEA

“Around 85% of all women use a body lotion in the morning”. With NIVEA Happy Time Body Lotion, you can stimulate your senses and start your day with nourished skin.

Sensual time-out: popular fragrances for bathroom rituals

  • The classic relaxing fragrance is lavender.
  • Powdery rose fragrances are great for your well-being.
  • Mandarin combined with jasmine calms your senses.
  • Warm vanilla has a balancing effect and can brighten your mood.
  • In general, all rich fragrances reduce stress and help you relax.
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