How to embrace silver hair

Discover styling tips and hairstyles for silver hair
Find out everything you wanted to know about silver hair, from grey hair dye tricks and inspired hairstyles to styling products for silver hair from NIVEA.

What is silver hair?

Silver hair can mean natural grey hair or dyed grey hair. This silver fox trend is celebrated by older and younger generations alike.

Great hairstyles for silver hair

Grey hair looks great with many different styles.

Bobs and short haircuts with feathered swept fringes are sure winners. They keep your look modern and flattering no matter what age you are.

When styled right, you can also have fun with mid-length, layered hairstyles that frame your face.

If you have just used grey hair dye on long hair, keep the length and enjoy the dimension curls or loose waves add. Apply NIVEA Color Care & Protecting Style Spray to keep those curls in place.

Don’t hesitate to have fun with silver hair. You can even introduce streaks in different colours. These create a beautiful rainbow effect when you style your hair in plaited up-dos.

Silver hair - tips and trends

You are never too old to style and care for your locks. Find out hacks for protecting your beautiful silver hair and injecting volume.

You’re in good company

Whether you are considering going grey gracefully or using grey hair dye on your hair, you will be joining a whole host of celebrities and bloggers embracing the silver trend.

From key decision makers like Christine Lagarde to actresses such as Dame Judi Dench, women are proudly showing their grey hair.

Even in the more youthful bracket, silver hair has become something of a fashion statement. The style has been rocked by the likes of Rihanna, Kate Moss and Lady Gaga.

Even if their grey hair is out of a bottle, they show you can still make it look healthy and original.

Embrace the beauty of the silver trend

Silver hair can be stunning and eye-catching when you give your locks the care they need to shine. Shampoos like NIVEA Color Care & Protect Shampoo deeply cleanse your hair without stripping it of its colour, giving lasting radiance and smoothness.

5 ways to look after and maintain silver hair

  1. Moisturise your hair regularly with conditioners and treatments.
  2. Only use specially formulated colour-protect products.
  3. Take care when applying heat to your hair.
  4. Apply grey hair dye every four to six weeks for bright, silver hair.
  5. Have grey hair trimmed regularly to keep it bouncy and fresh.

Hair care products and hairsprays for healthy-looking grey hair

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